selected reviews & essays by charlotte

Review of A Catalog of Birds in The Washington Post
Review of The Lowells of Massachusetts in The Washington Post
Review of Anne Boyd Rioux’s Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy: The Story of Little Women in The Washington Post
Review of Nell Painters’s Old in Art School in The Washington Post
Review of Fiona Sampson’s In Search of Mary Shelley in The Washington Post
Review of Lady Byron and Her Daughters in Wall Street Journal 
Review of Murder by Candlelight in New York Times Sunday Book Review
Essay on Wollstoncraft/Shelley Penguin UK Blog
Why I teach Mary Wollstonecraft — Huffington Post
Op ed published on Religion Dispatches
“Dr. Frankenstein’s Advice for Elon Musk,”
“Humble Assertions: The True Story of Anne Bradstreet’s Publication of The Tenth Muse,” Common-Place
“The Influence of Mary Wollstonecraft,” The New York Times

INTERVIEWS & appearances

“Women’s Media Center,” with Robin Morgan, 2018
Interview with Time, “The Eerie Gravestone Where Frankenstein's Story Began,” 2018
RTE, Irish Public Radio, Mary Wollstonecraft, 2017
Romantic Outlaws, German Public Radio, Stuttgart, SWR2, with Imogen Rhia Herrad, 2016
Lecture on Women in Literature with Kate Bolick, Brattleboro public television, BCTV, 2016
“The Year Without a Summer,” Studio 360, Kurt Anderson, (NPR), 2016
“RadioWest,” with Doug Fabrizio (NPR), 2015               
“Imaginary Worlds,” podcast with Eric Molinsky, 2015
Discussion of Romantic Outlaws, Quincy public access television, 2015
RTÉ: Ireland, “Culture File,” Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley, 2015
Romantic Outlaws, University of Delaware (NPR), 2015
Wall Street Journal Interview, 2015
Jezebel interview with Kelly Faircloth, 2015
RadioWest NPR interview with Doug Fabrizio, 2015
Interview in the Boston Globe, 2015
Listen to Charlotte on NPR's The Mark Steiner Show, 2009